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I was born in the United States being a child of Hungarian immigrants and refugees of Soviet Communism.  I grew up in the Los Angeles area though my early childhood was in the Bay Area.  As a child I wanted to be an inventor and later a physicist.  Today I’m still an inventor.  I spent much of my life in music, performing and composing semi-professionally.  I was always a spiritual person, being raised Catholic and later exploring world religions, mysticism and the occult. I have always been drawn to the mysterious and hence my fascination with psychology.  As far as politics, I was always the type to argue devil’s advocate and could easily see both sides to an issue–favoring taking the side of the underdog.  I’d argue with my mother who was a staunch Democrat and with my father who was a white-supremacist.   By default, I had a fondness for Reagan and fiscal conservatism.  But I eventually found that libertarianism was a political ideology that fit my beliefs the most.

I spent many years as well as a professional software engineer and game developer.  I had only spent a couple semesters in college, focusing more on music and still an irresponsible youth in early stages of drug addiction and alcoholism–being too rebellious to follow through with a form of formal education that I disagreed with.  Yet I managed to gain enough education to have a career in developing software.  It was here where I realized that my bosses were making way more money that I was and yet I was doing most of the work–so, I thought it was a good idea to find a way to cut out the middle-man and market my work exclusively.

I have always been a romantic and have experienced very powerful, seemingly magical, love twice in my life.  Yet both times, it didn’t work out; Fool’s Gold.  I believe now that I fell in love with emotionally unavailable women with self-esteem issues,  as a result of conditioning from an emotionally unavailable mother.

Today, I am a humanist for the most part.  I believe in virtue because it is something personally meaningful to me.  I am still not that materialistic though I have ambitions to be successful in business–still dreaming and scheming on building a hit website or patenting a revolutionary invention.  I meditate more for the pragmatic health benefits than being sold on any mystical reason outside of getting in touch with reality and the self.  I still write and play music to some extent–not knowing whether to be more than a hobbyist now.

I currently attend UCLA as a cognitive science major and pre-med, volunteering as a research assistant and still motivated to help others through discovery.  My long term goal is to be a medical scientist and find a way to get mainstream medicine out of the hands of the pharmaceutical companies and return to the business of healing people most effectively.

Some of my other hobbies and interests include: multiplayer computer games involving hardcore PvP, seduction/attraction science and evolutionary psychology, 12-step Recovery, libertarian politics, crusading against corporatism and corruption in the U.S Government,  philosophy, artificial intelligence, justice, consciousness studies, critical thought, practical jokes and generally entertaining and making others and myself laugh


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